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Thousands of Happy Customers Can't Be Wrong

Check out what Earthcalm's customers have to say about their products. Customer testimonials & product reviews demonstrate the overwhelmingly positive impact of EarthCalm EMF Protection Products on health & well-being.

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General Testimonials

I have tried many products that claimed to protect from EMF, including Q-link and Tesla plates. EarthCalm is the only one that really convinced me of its technology to protect humans from harm of radio frequency. The moment I plugged the Home EMF Protection System (HPS) into the walls, I sensed the body started to ground deeper into the earth and my legs become stronger. When Nova Resonator was first introduced to me, my sacrum became stronger when I simply hold it in my hand. My body also felt more calm than when I was not wearing it.

I did not know the body was in a subtle stress even when I simply carried the mobile phone with me in my bag, and not having any conversation over the cellphone. On the day when I purchased the Quantum Cell, I was wondering why my body felt a lot more calmer than usual, until I figured out I just pasted the Quantum Cell on my iPhone. 

I suffered from chronic backache for many years. I spent thousands after thousands of dollars in chiropractic treatment, many forms of massage techniques and energy work. My room, being on the top floor, is facing a cell tower that is less than 50m away. My room was actually shielded from the cell tower with fabric that is of the highest shielding power in the market. So my family members and I are actually very safe despite the nearby cell tower. Yet the first time when I used Lunar Shield, I felt the spine started to relax vertebra by vertebra. The next morning when I got up, much of the back ache was gone. In the daytime, because of the stress in work, the backache came back. But the pain was less than before. This showed that the EarthCalm technology and its products are more than EMF protection tools. They are also healing tools that help the body recover from damage not only from EMF but also emotional and mental stress in life. 

Many people are living in a state of stress that they do not know. The physical body actually perceive the radio frequency as invaders when they reach human auric field. Imagine the cells in the body repeatedly receive message that someone is attacking them! This stressed and weakened the body. HPS, Nova Resonator, or lunar shield actually gave the body a message of safety. The cells are live and cannot be deceived. Like animals flee before an earthquake happens, the cells in the body do not reason but respond and react to the real situation. The souls anchor at where they feel safe. That's why people who are sensitive to the senses of the body feel calmer when the technology for EMF protection really works. My child and I use all the products of EarthCalm.

Sorenza Lim, Singapore (TCM Physician - Master in Clinical Psychology)

18 Dec 2015

I began to feel tingling sensations on my face and body while working at the airport. What follows is a series of unexplained heart palpitations and anxiety in which I was hospitalised as the doctor suspected a mild stroke. I went through numerous X-Rays and even MRI but doctors could not find anything wrong with me except to diagnose me with anxiety disorder. A year or so later, the symptoms as stated has not subsided as it comes and goes. Then I decided to change my mobile phone and this led me to discover that I was actually sensitive to EMFs. After a phone conversation I began to feel a crippling brainfog that made me being unable to focus at work and think straight, remembering things began to be difficult. Maybe this brand of mobile phone emits so much EMFs that i was experiencing this I figured. If this was bad, things got worse when I began to "react" or rather the feeling of being pulled to whichever mobile phone that was ringing and imagine in a public registry office where I am working there are so many mobile phones! I began to stay away from people and public places as I was resonating to the EMFs which causes my body especially my chest area to vibrate and it was unnatural and very uncomfortable. I began to Google the symptoms I am experiencing and it led me to Earthcalm. I contacted them and I was told that there was an authorised distributor here in Singapore! I was both ecstatic and desperate to try out the products and willing to do anything to rid myself of these unpleasant symptoms so I contacted Jeff Yeo. I set up an appointment with him at his residence. The second I stepped into his home  I instantly felt a sense of relief and calm. Jeff then explained to me that I was being grounded to the natural healing fields of the Earth and this is what Earthcalm products is all about. I got started with the Nova Resonator and when I put it on I instantly felt  so good as if my feet was being pulled to the ground and I began to feel calm, relaxed and just so relieved! I was so thankful I had found Earthcalm. Gradually my body began detoxing itself and recover. Soon enough I got the Home EMF Protection System, the Quantum Cell and Omega WiFi. All of them crucial for me as each of them is unique as they tackle the different EMFs that are emitted from the different devices that are present around us. The wifi router is indeed my worst enemy after the handphone as it was on the whole night and I could not sleep, not to mention the whole HDB block has wifi routers in them! Whenever I was on the verge of slumber my body felt an electric shock waking me up again. It was depressing so thank God for the omega wifi. No more brainfog thanks to the quantum cell. Thank you Earthcalm and my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Jeff!

Hairi M N , Singapore

24 Dec 2015

I started using EarthCalm products in mid-2014, because I found myself experiencing headaches, brain fog, colds and insomnia on a regular basis after installing WiFi in my bedroom.

EarthCalm products are very powerful. Being the impatient sort, I plugged in the Home EMF Protection System at full capacity while also wearing the Nova anklet. Because the technology reduces EMF loads significantly, the body now has the ability to start moving toxins of all sorts out of the system really fast, and I experienced uncomfortable symptoms. So I slowed down and gradually increased the power of the home protection system over the course of one month.

I may not be able to tell you accurately enough the tremendous difference EarthCalm products have made in my life because this new high level of functioning is now my normal. But there was once when I was outside the home and started experiencing the kind of persistent low grade headache I experienced pre-EarthCalm. I realised that I wasn't wearing my EarthCalm anklet. The moment I reached home, I put on the anklet and within minutes I felt normal again. It occurred to me that before using EarthCalm, that low grade headache had always been with me. I just did not realise it because my resilient body helped me tolerate it and just does its best to keep me going no matter what environmental stresses it was subjected to. Since then I have never taken off my anklet and I recently added on the Sanctuary Bracelet. The bracelet helped me to achieve an even higher level of mental focus and a feeling of solid strength in my body.

If you want to achieve a sense of physical ease in the body, calm and mental clarity that is the natural state for all of us, I urge you to try EarthCalm. The EarthCalm products will build a solid foundation of physical and mental resilience from which you can soar to greater heights of happiness and success.

Ang Li Mei, Singapore

25 Dec 2015


Over the last ten years, I have spent $15,000 on alternative health devices, including the Q-Link, Magnetico magnet beds, Quantum Technologies devices, Stetzer Filters, the Schuman Earth Safe Generator, Earthing/Barefoot grounding products, EMF Blues ceramic dots, Advanced Tachyon Technologies devices, Geomack Geopathic units, Zapping units, Power Pyramids, and crystals. I have received some degree of relief from all of them.

I recently received the Resonator Pendant, and I will say, that this is the smoothest, and deepest energy I have felt so far from any of the products.There is a depth that seems to have no end, and that would make sense, since these energies tap into the earth’s energy, which is boundless.

The other products seemed to give a sense of relief, but with no ‘direction’ in that they gave some alleviation of agitation, but then a sense of blankness, and the rest was up to me.

Your products, from what I am experiencing so far, have structure, direction, and boundless capacity, since they are based on harmonics, and universal algorithms that are based on the evolution of the earth.  As far as I can tell, your products are unique in the regard that they have been tested with direct experience, as well as universal and earth based scalar information, and the other products alleviate, or block things, but don’t give dimension, patterns, or direction.

I like your products so much that I have bought one of everything you have. I have actually put away some of my other devices by other companies. I found the combination of the pendant with the Home Protection System the most powerful healing modality I have yet experienced ever over the last 20 years I have been working on this.

I now sleep much sounder, the brain fog is almost gone completely, and zero headaches, no colds, etc. Your products do work, and I can feel them work every day.

Brian Slanger, Stevenson, MD

I just want to thank you for saving my health!

I was very sick for almost a year. Symptoms included severe anxiety, dizziness, panic attacks, etc. I honestly thought I was losing my mind. My doctor prescribed sedatives but they only helped a little. Then I went to a psychologist and he treated me for almost a year with barely any positive long lasting results.

Then one day, I received a call from my sister. We spoke for 90 minutes and I was using my cordless phone. I felt fine before she called. When I hung up, Ialmost blacked out. That’s when I started researching the topic of EMF toxicity.

My psychologist lent me his triefield meter and I found out exactly what was happening. After some needed changes at home and the purchase of your products, I haven’t felt this well in so long. Thank you for helping me get my health back!

I am so grateful!!

Patrician Mauro, Highland Village, TX

I was a total skeptic about all this EMF protection hype. Until I tried it . I quit having chronic headaches! (A very big deal for me.) And I wasn’t tired and fuzz-headed after a few hours at the computer. No, I don’t know the science behind it, and I don’t really care. It works for me. If it didn’t, I could have returned it for a full refund.

I called EarthCalm to ask questions, talked to a real person who was very helpful, without a big sales push. I’d recommend this company to anybody open-minded enough to try it for themselves.

Patrick Bell

I am so electro-sensitive that I don’t need a meter of any kind to test your products, because I feel energetic shifts immediately. If I’m in the front yard I can tell when someone in the house hangs up from a cell phone call, so I am an EMF meter myself.  After 17 years of being electro-sensitive, I have recently been having up to 10 seizures a day and have fought going unconscious a number of times in the last several weeks.  Upon waking I’ve felt like anelectrical barbed wire fence was inside of me, due to the EMF’s that were trapped in my body.

I have tried many other EMF-related products for personal, home and cell phone protection, including ones that plug into the wall. Your products are totally different, they WORK, and they’re not charged with energy the way some other products are, so they will never “run out.”

I am also a Reiki Master and have studied other forms of natural healing, including Healing Touch, nutrition, EFT and TFT. So I’ve tried those in addition to acupuncture, orgonite and orgonium products, scalar energy pendants, a zero point energy wand, crystal healing, a BioDisk from a quantum physicist and anything out there I could find. I have seen highly respected practitioners in various areas of natural healing, but no one I’ve tried understands electromagnetic sensitivity the way you do, and their methods usually caused me to get worse due to the detox, or possibly feel better for a day.

When I put the Quantum Cell on my phone, I found that the radiation is actually transformed into beneficial energy which surrounds me like a cocoon.  (For over a month I haven’t been able to be around cell phones even when they’re OFF.) I have also found that there is no more harmful radiation coming from my computer because of the Omega WiFi, and the energy coming from it is now feels like a beneficial field too.   (I can now finish my online education in holistic health, thanks to the Omega WiFi!) Also I have been unable to work properly for over a month, but I just notified an employer that I can resume work.

The Traditional Resonator does what your website says it will do (it’s also much prettier than it looks on the website). Last night I took the Resonator off when I went to bed, because I didn’t want to overdo it.  I know you recommend using the home system first, but I couldn’t tolerate being out of the house without it, so I’m already using the pendant.  For 15 minutes after removing it I had a series of strong heart palpitations, which has been happening over the last 3 years, but it’s unusual for me to have so many in a row.  I felt horrible and put the pendant back on, and have felt much better ever since.  I will never remove it again!

And the Home EMF Protection System is phenomenal.  Until now, I have been getting dressed in the dark and fleeing the house each morning without even being able to properly check myself in the mirror, sick from the EMF’s in the house.  I just plugged this system in and walked into every room here, and every room feels completely cleared of harmful energy.

Thank you EarthCalm, you have saved me from being cooked.  Life without you has been unbearable.  EMF’s were causing me to harm myself uncontrollably on a daily basis.  (The electricity has been overpowering the electrical signals in my brain, and literally taking over.)  Each day for the past month I have felt I couldn’t face another day. Finally, a line of EMF products that deliver, from people who understand electromagnetic sensitivity!

Olivia Worthy, LVN, TX

I have had no asthma all day, no headache and most of all…it is miraculous…no sinus congestion of any kind. It has been years since I have been able to breathe properly.

Petra B., Boise, ID

Thank you for your amazing products. They all work like a miracle. I am so glad I found out about your cure for hypersensitivity. I work in an IT department. At some point, I thought I had to quit my job. I was in the emergency room twice. I am still sensitive even wearing the pendant, but not to the point where I think I am losing my mind. The Home System for the house is my favorite. My house has become the most safe place on Earth for me.

Elza, Augusta, GA

I cannot say enough great things about your products. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but they have changed my life. I had many health issues just pop up over a 6-12 month period and all from Wi Fi. I purchased a new laptop and developed vulvodynia, high blood pressure and gained weight. I purchased your home system, the necklace and the one for my laptop. It might be overkill, but I trade the stock market, so I need to spend time in front of my laptop. Before finding your products, I had to stop trading–the vulvodynia pain would start in a matter of minutes after being exposed to the Wi Fi from my laptop.

Deborah K., Hunt Valley, MD

Given the electromagnetic chaos we live in today…the technology behind this type of product is one of the most important endeavors there could be now and in coming years. I must say a hundred times over that I am so grateful for this saving grace.

Douglas N.


Quantum Cell Testimonials

I have only had the Quantum Cell for about a month but in that month I have had REMARKABLE results. I would like to share a little bit of history with you and my testimony of how amazing this product really is.

For the past fifteen or so years I have been dealing with debilitating headaches. Over the past few years I have had several CT scans, which provided no answers, and more medication than I can name, all of which had no impact on the pain. Eventually, I ended up on a narcotic/sedative that after several pills would start to alleviate the pain. However, after adjusting to the medication, which took about a year, the FDA pulled the product with mo explanation as to why… Then again I’m not sure I want to know. Needless to say, it left me to start over as a guinea pig for the pharmaceutical companies.

About a month ago, my mother had the opportunity to obtain a Quantum Cell, which she gave me for a belated birthday present. When I first received it I was skeptical to say the least and wasn’t exactly impressed with the idea. But still I figured it couldn’t hurt to try, I was opened for anything that might help.

Now 1 month later I have been ABSOLUTELY, 100% FREE FROM HEADACHES! NEVER in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that anything could work so drastically and in such a short amount of time. Amongst this I have also noticed that other symptoms have been alleviated.

In 2010, I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. After recovering from it I was still having residual effects. I have noticed that in the past month I have had NO symptoms if the after effects of this disorder. Thank you EarthCalm. Your Quantum Cell has saved my life! I have been freed from taking any medications for headaches or Bells Palsy.

Rena W.CA

I used to have a slight headache after talking on my cell phone. I notice now with the Quantum Cell, that headache is completely gone. Amazing.

Bill S., Chico, CA

I am a true believer in the Quantum Cell and Home Protection System.

I first heard about the products from my sister. The house I was previously living in had a Smart Meter right on the other side of my bedroom wall. I was waking up every morning with a headache.

Since I’ve installed the Home EMF Protection System I no longer experience daily headaches.

I also have the quantum Cell device on my cell phone, which I keep on me at all times. I do this because one day I went to town without my cell phone, (that won’t happen again.) While in town I stated getting a headache and just figured it was from the stress of driving in a heavy traffic and shopping in really crowded stores.

But when I got home and settled down from a day out I noticed my headache was gone. So as not to assume this was just stress, I repeated going out without my cellphone 2 more times and each time within 10 minutes my headache would return. Then as soon as I was home it would go away again. I also repeated this experiment with my cell phone on me–no headache.

My conclusion was the cell phone protection did make a difference when I was away from the house. I now carry it with me at all times. My next product will be the Nova Resonator Pendant.

Marla Deatherage, CA

I am very electro-sensitive.  I feel EMF exposure instantly and start to feel uncomfortable and depressed when I’m around Wi-Fi. Plugging in theOmega WiFi and putting the Quantum Cell on my phone felt wonderful– I started to feel more relaxed, and my sleep was great. I woke up feeling I was out in the countryside when I’m actually in the middle of a city centre polluted with WiFi.

Nico L., Sweden

I purchased your cell phone apparatus because my new Palm Pre hurt my hand. I just wanted to let you know that, with the addition of your device, my phone not only does not hurt my hand anymore, but it also seems to provide 3 to 4 times the battery life! My phone no longer gets HOT. Very cool!

Dawna G, TX


Home EMF Protection System Testimonials

My personal experience with the Home EMF Protection System: Moments after I plugged the device into one of the outlets in my home, I felt myself breathing more deeply than I had been – a sense of my lungs and entire ribcage area opening, as though some long-held tension had just been released. With this came a sweet feeling of contentment, ease and happiness. I smiled, within a feeling that “yes, this is a good thing.” Since I’m already relatively healthy, I progressed fairly quickly through the three stages – designed to gently and gradually acclimate the nervous system to its new and healthier electromagnetic environment.

After several months, it was time for me to either send the Home EMF Protection System device back to EarthCalm, or to actually purchase it. Since I was feeling a bit pinched for cash, I decided to send it back. The moment that I pulled in out of its electrical socket, I could feel an increase in nervous-system agitation. By later that evening (after I had already gone to the post office, to send it off), the nervous-system agitation had increased to a very uncomfortable level, and it took me nearly three hours to fall asleep (vs. my usual 15-30 minutes). As I was lying there in bed, my eyes wide open, I also noticed that I had a low-grade headache, a low-grade sore throat, a bit of nasal discharge, and a distinct feeling of constriction in my chest, with each breath. The next morning, I woke up still feeling fatigued and agitated, and noticed in addition a low-level aching in my joints.

Well, suffice it to say that it took me less than 48 hours to order a new Home Protection System — and plan to have it as an ongoing fixture in my living-space, for as long as possible!

Elizabeth Reninger, Boulder, CO 

Due to my line of work I was forced for the last 14 months to work on my computer 10 to 12 hours a day. The hypertension had gotten so bad, it often scared me. I was fully aware of the fact that the electromagnetic energy from the computer and the additional office equipment were to blame. When I left the office at night and sat in my Laz-y-boy to read my paper, I often did not get any further than the obituaries and I fell deep asleep.

Well Jean, all that instantly stopped 10 to 15 minutes after I plugged in my Home Protection System. At first I asked myself:  Is this psychosomatic?  But 2 to 3 hours later I knew it was for real. During the initial hour I felt as if someone had put a veil over the gray matter between my ears. Not that I was unable to get any work done, even so I felt somewhat phlegmatic. As a matter of fact I accomplished quite a lot. During the next couple of hours, that veil dissipated, and I suddenly felt totally at peace. I was overcome by a feeling of immense happiness. Not that I am a morbid person to begin with, it was just such an elated state of being, that I said to myself: This is totally “nuts”.

Another thing I have noticed:  I am now able to sit up straight. Due to some severe spinal injuries in my youth, whether I am walking, running or sitting, I have a tendency to constantly slump. I have stopped that almost instantly. It is definitely not a conscious reminder, it just happens. My upper back suddenly stopped feeling so enormously tired.

Kelly W., MI

Before hearing about EarthCalm products, I had been dealing with symptoms of fibromyalgia for many years: exhaustion, weakness, broken sleep, digestive disorders, mind-fog, muscle and joint pain. To a certain extent, I had learned to live with these symptoms through the help of a strict diet, taking many supplements and drugs, and going through numerous health programs. And yet, nothing completely alleviated my symptoms – especially my lack of energy and sense of weakness. I was unable to work more than 2-3 hours a day, and I was usually mind-fogged when I did. I always needed a nap in the late afternoon. If I could get 3-4 hours of unbroken sleep at night, I was ecstatic.

I had tried so many things over the years to try to improve my health, and I really didn’t think that protecting myself from EMFs was going to do a whole lot for me. But I decided I might as well try it. Well, I was amazed. After just plugging in the first plug of the Home Protection System, for the first time in probably 30 years, I actually slept for 7 hours straight! I woke up feeling refreshed, without a headache, alert and ready to meet my day. Since then, my energy has increased to such an extent that I can now easily work 8 hours a day and I don’t need a nap. I am able to multi-task for the first time in years; my brain feels clear and alert.

I am so happy to have discovered the EMF piece of my health puzzle. I can now say that I finally feel like I am recovering from fibromyalgia – something I never imagined I could say.

V. Frazier, Paradise, CA

A week after installing the EarthCalm Home Protection System I took my blood pressure, which has been averaging 140/88 (on medications) and 160′s/90′s (off meds), with intermittently higher readings. I thought the machine was experiencing an error when it measured my BP at 115/78. I haven’t seen such a low reading for several years! I’ve been recording measurements daily since then, under different circumstances and times of day, and they are all similar. With this personal experience I am enthusiastic enough to design and perform clinical trials to see if these results can be reproduced. Such validation would give me confidence to prescribe these devices for my patients.”

BH, MD, Austin TX

My 11-year-old dog had a large growth removed from her leg a year ago. After the surgery, she developed a limp and became very lethargic. I got a Home Protection System for myself and wasn’t thinking about my dog or that it might have any effect on her. But a couple of weeks after I plugged it in, I noticed that her spirits seemed greatly improved–she seemed eager to go out and explore again and wanted to play. And I also noticed that she was no longer limping.

Deanna L., CA

I experience headaches, nausea and trouble concentrating when surrounded by EMFs. At work I’m surrounded by 200+ computers and my desk is less than 100 feet from a cell phone tower. I have tried different devices, but have only found one that works. I now use a home protection system by EarthCalm. I gradually added each piece of the system at 2 week intervals. Once I finally got to the full system, I noticed a fast improvement in my health.  Since I could only afford one home protection system , I take the unit from home to work with me every day. I’m amazed that after years of being sick, I actually feel good now! I would recommend anyone having a sensitivity to EMF’s to give one of EarthCalm’s products a try.

April F, Citrus Hts., CA

Well, I just got through cleaning the condo from stem to stern….if THAT isn’t an endorsement (and proof) of the efficaciousness of the Home Protection System, I don’t know what is! I am so happy to feel this strong and energetic. The problem before was that my limbs were getting weak and just wouldn’t “go” when I wanted them to. I was actually becoming disabled. Today I felt so wonderful that I decided to clean, as I just said. There’s no way I can “make” myself clean, if my body doesn’t feel like it. I always knew I wasn’t a lazy person. And here I am today—-mopping and dusting and vacuuming….. (This is only the second time I have mopped since I moved in here in May of 2008. The last time I mopped, it took everything I had to get this body to do it. This time I had plenty of strength and energy.)

Terri S., TX

I had cataract surgery a year and a half ago and my right eye developed scar tissue over the lens. It caused me to be practically blind in that eye as far as being able to read was concerned. Everything was blurry and I had to constantly squint. I couldn’t afford the surgery to go back and have it corrected though and had to just live with it. I work on a computer all day and had to get readers to be able to see. After just 2-3 weeks of plugging in the first stage, I no longer needed my glasses! My vision is getting better and better all the time. Thank-you so much.

Cathy E, FL

I am a true believer in the Quantum Cell and Home Protection System.

I first heard about the products from my sister. The house I was previously living in had a Smart Meter right on the other side of my bedroom wall. I was waking up every morning with a headache.

Since I’ve installed the Home EMF Protection System I no longer experience daily headaches.

I also have the quantum Cell device on my cell phone, which I keep on me at all times. I do this because one day I went to town without my cell phone, (that won’t happen again.) While in town I stated getting a headache and just figured it was from the stress of driving in a heavy traffic and shopping in really crowded stores.

But when I got home and settled down from a day out I noticed my headache was gone. So as not to assume this was just stress, I repeated going out without my cellphone 2 more times and each time within 10 minutes my headache would return. Then as soon as I was home it would go away again. I also repeated this experiment with my cell phone on me–no headache.

My conclusion was the cell phone protection did make a difference when I was away from the house. I now carry it with me at all times. My next product will be the Nova Resonator Pendant.

Marla Deatherage, CA

So far it is a feeling of well being. I can say that the Home Protection Unit did lower my blood pressure and pulse when I got the second plug in. I no longer have panic attacks; so I was able to slash my beta blocker medicine in half and still have 118-60 and lower, with 75 pulse rate. Before the Home Protection Unit, my blood pressure with full medication was 120-140 over 75-85 with 80-85 pulse rate. I am no longer looking for a chair after I bend over to pick up something or exert myself for some reason. I find myself getting up from a chair without thinking about it before hand – just automatically doing it. Ino longer dread getting out of bed or walking down the hall. I assume that I will soon be able to discontinue the high blood pressure medicine completely.

I have started to lose weight also which I have not been able to do for years due to stress and gout which was triggered by the uric acid entering the blood stream from the breaking down of fat cells even while taking medicine to handle uric acid. Something is happening to my internal organs to bring this about; but I have no idea what. Despite my tendency to gout, the additional uric acid that is entering my blood from the breakdown of fat cells and the fact that my diet is 85-90% uric acid producing foods, I not only have not had a gout attack but am actually losing weight in the form of fat along with water without trying to diet.

I also find that I now have better control over my bladder. I feel this is due to an improvement in my nervous and muscular systems. I find that I am better on my feet; and each week my balance is getting better.

Bernice B

My family and I have been using the EarthCalm Products for over a year now. In our home we have the Scalar Home Protection System and my daughter and I wear the Scalar Resonator. Before we started using these products, I was suffering with chronic, deep hip socket pain that kept me awake at night. My daughter had a terrible time focusing on her classes and was actually failing several of them. Within ten hours of using the Scalar Home Protection System the pain in my hip joints completely disappeared. That night I slept without tossing and turning for the first time in ages!

As for my daughter, within just a few weeks, and especially after she started wearing the Scalar Resonator, her grades turned around and she found renewed enthusiasm for her schoolwork. All of her grades were brought up to either and “As” and “Bs” from “Fs” and she made a decision about what to do for her career! I do believe that her lack of concentration was due to the fact that her school has a cell phone tower right on the premises.
Karen B, Pittsburgh, PA

The hour before receiving and plugging the EarthCalm in, our area had been heavily chemtrailed and I was feeling the effects. My whole system felt as though it was shutting down, constricting. I had a definite metallic taste in my mouth. My body felt acidic. I had sharp pain at the base of my skull. I was extremely fatigued and agitated.

Within minutes of plugging the EarthCalm into the wall, my whole body began to relax.  Within an hour, the metallic taste was gone, the pain in my head was gone, my energy began to return and a sense of calm and happiness came. I also experienced a runny nose the rest of that day. My husband who is easily chilled kept asking me if the heater was on, he felt so warm. The following day, we had planned to begin the lemonade diet. We followed the protocol until noon, when I had to stop because I was simply cleansing too fast.

I also want to mention sleep. I have a history of menopausal insomnia. From the first night with the EarthCalm, I have been sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a night. And it is a deep, sound, restful sleep. Each day I feel a little better, more balanced, more energetic, and joyful. I will be recommending this product to everyone I know.

Kathryn M., NY

As my health went from bad to worse, I started to wonder if the cell phone tower could possibly have anything to do with my symptoms. The pain, anxiety, depression and mental fog had increased so dramatically with the installation of this monster, that it couldn’t be mere coincidence. As I researched the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the internet, I found your website and decided to try your invention. Since your products carry a 90-day money back guarantee, I had nothing to lose. I should also mention that I have two adorable little Poodles under two years old and I was worried about the EMF effects on their tiny bodies, as well. I realize that this is going to sound “too good to be true”, but I kid you not, this is exactly what I experienced:

At 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon, I plugged in my Home Protection System and sat down at the kitchen table to make a grocery list. I wasn’t expecting anything, but literally within minutes, I felt the pain begin to drain out of my body. The tension I didn’t even realize I was feeling, started to leave. When you live with a condition long enough, you don’t remember what “normal” feels like. For years, I hadn’t been comfortable in my own body. I always felt like I was going to fly out of my skin. I felt like crying all the time. I felt absolutely hopeless.

I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it was to feel the pain, the depression, the anxiety and nervousness, the mental fog just being drawn downward out of my mind and body. I could breathe again. I didn’t feel like crying. The pain was at least 65% better. My eyes didn’t burn and hurt and water. I just sat there in total amazement as this happened to me. Within a half hour, both of my dogs got up and began to play like two year old Poodles. They raced around the house, played tug of war with toys, ran up and down the stairs happy as could be. They had been acting like little old men before the Earth Calm Home Protection System was installed.

Jean, I don’t pretend to understand how your products work. All I know is that, after all these years of suffering and being afraid of the future and feeling like I was going to die, your products have given me my life back!!!!!! That’s how well they work when up against a huge cell phone mast 250 feet away. Think what they can do for the average home!

I have so much energy now. I honestly feel like I used to when I was a little kid, and there was no blanket of harmful EMF fields surrounding everything. It was worth every penny.;

T. Jacobson, MN

Presently, in my home I have Scalar Home Protection System engaged at the first two levels. The first day my sinuses drained, and the right ear (which is the cell phone ear and is pierced) drained for 12 hours. I feel it working through my body ..which I would describe as detox. I had itchy areas — hooray!! Things are changing and I experience it as wonderful!!

I totally enjoy my Atlas Band Hat — it is just the first hour and my head feels warmth. I know this sounds like I’m TOO HAPPY. It is simple – it quiets the atmosphere with calm. And lets my mind enjoy my true origin – that is harmony.

Nancy R, FL

The EarthCalm equipment has been a very big help to me in living a more satisfying life. With a medical diagnosis of schizo-affective disorder about ten years back, I was not in the best of shape mentally. Using EarthCalm equipment has helped me to eliminate my formerly frequent bouts of anxiety, my thinking is much clearer and I have a substantially deeper feeling of the presence of Myself which has helped me to feel calm, peaceful, and centeredmuch more of the time.

Mike G., Canada


Resonator Pendant Testimonials

Your new Nova Scalar Resonator is a prize! Within seconds of putting it on, I felt tingling in my hands and my face flushed as I began to feel a deep internal release of tension. Although I was in a busy environment, a calm, quiet space seemed to extend around me that ended the background zing and buzz I’d thought was normal! My mind was clear, focused, awake, and I felt very present and deeply happy.

Patrick O., WA

I received the new Nova Scalar Resonator this morning–and I could feel the warm, tingly sensation mentioned on the website right away. I feel so muchmore energy and positivity from wearing it. Your products are always great and I can always tell the difference immediately.

Teresa L, San Francisco, CA

I received my ankle bracelet yesterday. I felt like a kid at Christmas when I got my mail. I’ve been walking with a limp at times from a broken ankle years ago but when I put my ankle bracelet on the pain is almost gone. Now I can start my yoga practice again.

Debbie C.

I’ve been test-driving a Scalar Resonator for about two months now, and am quite impressed. Within a minute or two after first putting it on (it’s worn as a necklace) I became distinctly aware of two shifts: (1) my perception, particularly my vision, became clearer; as though a kind of veil had been lifted: colors seemed brighter, shapes more well-defined; and (2) I felt much more distinctly grounded, in a pleasantly relaxed way, through my pelvis and legs, to the earth. (A friend, who recently wore the Scalar Resonator for just a couple of days, initially experienced about three hours of increased heat-sensations in her body, along with an increase in physical strength and feelings of general well-being.) Comparing the couple of times when I’ve stopped wearing the Scalar Resonator, for a day or longer; with how it feels then to put it back on — I can definitely say that there’s a difference; and that I feel better wearing it. (See full review.)

Elizabeth Reninger, CO

As a practitioner, I am always on the lookout for tools to help my clients. Through biofeedback testing called ‘Autonomic Response Testing’, many of these clients present with various forms of radiation sensitivities that are significantly disturbing their nervous system and in turn their ability to reach their health goals. I am thrilled to see such clinical success with the EarthCalm products (and this after having tried many, many others).

Many clients have shared that they feel an immediate sense of calmness when they begin to wear the pendant. Others say that the ‘inner buzzing’ sensation has stopped. Electrosmog is fast becoming a real health concern. We are fortunate to now have a company that not only foresaw the electrosmog connection to illness, but has created high quality products to remedy these interferences!

Claire Riendeau, N.D., N.M.D., Di.Hom., Reno, NV

I have been suffering from fist sized hives that covered me from my neck to my knees for over a year.  I have been on at least four kinds of prescription medications and three over the counter drugs. I received the resonator necklace about six weeks ago.  I noticed a reduction in the hives after two weeks. After a month the hives were very few and only finger tip in size. Now, the hives have been reduced to one or two but not even every day! I had an appointment with my specialist and have been totally released from her care.  I now take one OTC medication once a day. I wear my necklace 24/7. Is it coincidence? I think not! Thank you so much for this necklace.  It has changed my life!

Marsha Voigt, IA

l just want you to know what an honor and privilege it is to represent EarthCalm at the Expos across the country. *  l feel that by selling EarthCalm products, I am helping to change the lives of the people I touch, making a huge difference in the quality of their lives. l get to witness miracle after miracle on a regular basis. Anytime a person has a healing, it makes me feel so happy that in some small way l was part of it by introducing the amazing products that you have invented. l don’t know if you are aware of this but l have asthma and have not had to use my inhaler in the 8 years that l have been wearing the Scalar Resonator. l have many things to be thankful for but being introduced to you has changed my life immeasurably.

Sandee F. NY

*Sandee has represented EarthCalm at health fairs across the country for six years.

I purchased the Earthcalm product with curiosity as well as some resistance on my part. It is lovely to wear so I decided – why not?  And, if it could help me  - that would be a bonus.

A couple of days later I notice that my right, ring finger is no longer in pain due to arthritis.  I was shocked.  I truly decided to be open to the possibilities and not “look” for something to happen.

Another wonderful thing happened.  I am one of those people who attracts every bug there is.  They seem to love biting me and each summer I dread the spider, gnats, flies, and anything else that thinks I’m “delicious.”  These bites are so bad that I naturally scratch or rub so hard that I have bruises on my body. I noticed, accidentally, that on the fourth day of wearing this lovely piece of jewelry, I have not experienced bug bites. The bugs are actually leaving me alone and I’ve had a good night sleep as a result. This may sound small and insignificant but for me it’s HUGE!

Karin Janin, Author of “Magic of Intention”

The scalar resonator has made a world of difference for me. I had not really noticed too much other than my irregular heartbeats seemed  to slow way down while wearing it, until I had to take it to the jeweler yesterday to get the chain fixed. I have had a slight headache ever since and a runny nose. And I tossed and turned all night. I feel wound up tighter than a drum at the moment. So I am living proof that it is a wonderful product and I am so lost without it. I can hardly wait for Friday to get here so I can get it back on!

Sherrie T., Redding, CA

At approximately the same time that I installed my radar shield at work, I decided to purchase an EarthCalm Resonator Pendant. I had tried many EMF protection devices before, but most of them were either harmful or did not offer adequate protection from electromagnetic fields. I took a risk and spent the money, and to my surprise, it was an extremely good investment, perhaps one of the best I have ever made in my life.

The reason why I say this is because of two things:

  1. The EarthCalm pendant was harmonious to my body and did not overload it with too much subtle energy, unlike most devices I had tried before.
  2. The EarthCalm pendant greatly stimulated my life force. It was more than just protection; it was truly healing.

The protection from the radar in combination with the EarthCalm pendant began a period of rapidly increasing health. Without the protection from radar, the gains from the EarthCalm pendant would have been lost and my health would not have improved. But because I was protected most of the time at work,I was making rapid gains in my health with the help of the EarthCalm pendant.

You may be wondering why the EarthCalm pendant worked for me and the other devices I tried previously did not help much. The answer seems to be thatEarthCalm devices ground the body into the Earth’s electromagnetic field, and the other devices I tried did not do that. Because man-made electromagnetic radiation is extremely high in comparison to the natural levels (Robert Becker claims that it is at least 100 million to 200 million times the natural level), the Earth’s magnetic field is almost completely overwhelmed and lost in the noise of EMF pollution. This is extremely significant because the body cannot operate optimally unless it is “tuned in” to the Earth’s electromagnetic field. When I started wearing the EarthCalm pendant, my life force was greatly stimulated because my body was again able to use the Earth’s electromagnetic field to normalize the functions within the body.

Gilligan Joy (from his website: ca.linkedin.com)

Since I have worn the Scalar Resonator I have not been sick. I work in the printing industry with all the toxic smells and noisy equipment and sit in front of a computer all day with a headset on all day and listen to satellite radio too. I used to be sick all the time with chronic sinus infections and bad headaches ALL THE TIME. So I am so grateful to you for developing such a great product that has helped me and protects my body and keeps me balanced.!!!! Many great blessings upon you for your invention.

Devida D.

My fibromyalgia is not nearly like it was, my energy has returned. The headaches I still get but NOT with the frequency I was and I don’t take really anything for my headaches. Where I was getting 6 or more a month now I only get maybe 2 or 3 tops and they are not as debilitating when I do get them.

The necklace also helped me recover from my surgery I had earlier this year quicker. When I received the necklace earlier this year I was very skeptical that it would do anything for me, but it has and really changed my life.

Christine R., Rochester, NY

Picked up my resonators yesterday and immediately ran around installing etc. Coincidentaly, it was my tai chi and qigong day and I asked my Chinese tai chi master  to wear my scalar resonator for a few minutes. He said he felt chi going down into the sacral chakra and beginning to rise at the rear. “Veli good.” He said he could buy it and to lend it to him for a longer time to assess. With the Qlink a few months back, he just said he felt “something”. Yesterday he even recalled that I had brought the Qlink to him to check…he remarked that “this one better than last one”! So, there you go. I might have to put in another order sooner rather than later.

Tino, Botswana

I just started wearing the Scalar Resonator. All I can say is WOW! I have been interested and wearing EMF protection jewelry for many years. Many of them improved various conditions. I now know that I have an electrical sensitivity and suffered with many illnesses when I was younger. Your product is the strongest of any other product I have tried.

Wow! I am amazed at how much better I am feeling since my home protection system! I really do feel a sense of peaceful calm where there used to be tension. Your survey made me think about how I feel. The first survey had me in tears I had been so stressed..it made me realize how unhappy I was. Those feelings are gone now and I feel very optimistic and alive.

Lindee A., TX

For the past 20 years, I have had chronic fatigue and heart symptoms (erratic pulse, chest pain). My cardiologist had assured me that nothing was physically wrong with my heart; my doctor had assured me that all my tests were normal. Within two hours of wearing an EarthCalm Scalar Resonator the fatigue simply dropped away and the heart symptoms were greatly reduced. In three days the heart symptoms were gone.

I found that my posture corrected itself! Lately I’ve been troubled to note that I am hunching over slightly, and it’s been an effort to straighten up. With the (Scalar) Resonator on, I stand straight naturally without thinking about it.

I installed a home system as well. My husband feels better, and so does our little dog. She has been very stiff for years. Within a day of installation she was friskier and had an improved appetite. Within a week she wanted to play again! I’m thinking I should make her a collar with a Resonator.

I can’t possibly express enough gratitude for the EarthCalm products. The results are beyond belief. EarthCalm has literally given my life back to me. Thank you!!!”

Kylea Garrett, Sequim, WA


Omega Wifi Testimonials

I felt like my computer was eating my brain–I was drained, exhausted and agitated. Within hours of plugging the Omega WiFi into my router, I felt calm, clear-headed and relaxed! I didn’t really expect to feel anything. My husband noticed feeling expansive and energized, before even knowing about the addition. It’s strange, it feels like I can almost see or touch the energy in the house now—before it was “filled with metal bits, zinging though the air”. Now it’s just open quiet space, as smooth as fine silk. Thank you, EarthCalm.”

Pat B, Austin, TX

 I live on the 18th story of a highrise in downtown Chicago. Since moving in, I have had terrible difficulty getting to sleep at night. I have accounted it to the 20-plus wifi networks coming thru my apartment from other units and it did not make much of a difference whether my router was on or off. One week ago, I installed the Omega  WiFi into my router and immediately felt a significant shift in the energetic space of my home. It feels much quieter and more contained, and getting to sleep at night is ten times easier. I am so relieved!

Sarah B, Chicago, IL

I was feeling so headachy all the time, ever since we plugged in our wireless router. We really need it because my husband and I both work from home and our offices are on different floors. My husband felt dizzy a lot and had to take naps in the afternoon.  I was skeptical about your Omega WiFi. I didn’t even tell my husband I was buying it, because I knew he wouldn’t believe it would do anything. Well, almost as soon as I plugged it in, I was aware suddenly that my chronic headache was gone. I was amazed! It was like I had entered into a whole new  zone or dimension. My head was clear.  My husband didn’t notice anything until the next day. But then he said, “Honey, what did you put in the coffee? I feel great today—wide awake.” I just laughed and showed him the Omega WiFi.

Mariel G., Chicago, IL

I am very electro-sensitive.  I feel EMF exposure instantly and start to feel uncomfortable and depressed when I’m around Wi-Fi. Plugging in theOmega WiFi and putting the Quantum Cell on my phone felt wonderful– I started to feel more relaxed, and my sleep was great. I woke up feeling I was out in the countryside when I’m actually in the middle of a city centre polluted with WiFi.

Nico L., Sweden

I’d like to start by thanking you so much for the Omega WiFi. I wasn’t completely sure what to expect when I first plugged it in, but I was immediatelystruck with a powerful grounding sensation, as if a new gravity had entered the room. As the days have gone by, I’ve noticed myself feeling more centered, focused, and less hyperactive than I have in many years–in a word, happier. Your product has caused me to realize that having WiFi in my home for the last decade has significantly diminished my well-being. It seems like such a no-brainer that a radio signal carrying microwave radiation throughout a person’s home would do that, but I guess when your brain is literally being microwaved each day, common sense can elude you.

Reid T., CT


Photon Band Testimonials

I’m a postal employee and often suffer with leg cramps after a long day of walking on my job. Since wearing the Photon Band, I have had no leg cramps–and also, my endurance is up.

Daren, Chico, CA

After I received my photon band, I placed it on my arm to hopefully alleviate tendonitis and swelling caused by lymph node removal. Wow! I couldn’t believe the pain relief, and it just keeps getting better! The swelling has reduced, and the pain has greatly decreased. I’m so thrilled with the results that I have ordered three more. Thank you so much for this awesome product!

 Debra, Kennesaw, GA

I used to not be able to walk into stores that had WiFi–I’d immediately get a sharp headache and a feeling of dizziness. Now with the Photon Band, that doesn’t happen! I can shop with comfort and not have to rush.  

V. Joseph, Los Angeles

Several days before receiving the EarthCalm Photon Band, I had planted several rose bushes. I knew my knee would be sore from the work. The next day, I received the band and placed it on my ankle. Almost immediately, I felt a warm sensation in the knee area. I wore it to bed and the next morning, I had no pain to speak of.

Margaret L., CA


还是略有保留?不如看看我们数以千计的顾客在使用 EarthCalm产品后,作了什么回响。

1) EarthCalm综合产品

2) Quantum 络护

3) 绝缘居家系

4) 电磁协和器

5) Omega 线



“以前我总是睡不好,容易头痛、伤风、感冒,终日浑浑噩噩。这20几年来,我花费超过 15千美金,尝试另类治疗法。用过的产品不计其数,包括 Q-LinkManetico 磁床、能量仪器、Stetzer过滤器、Schuman发动器、Earthing/Carefoot产品、电磁陶瓷、Tachyon高科技仪器、Geomack产品、Zapping产品、动力金字塔、以及水晶产品。。。或多或少,这些产品都为我带来某些程度的舒解;但当我第一次得到EarthCalm Nova电磁协和器时,我明显的感觉到,这才是真正能为我解决问题的产品!


现在我对EarthCalm产品充满信心,你们的所有产品我都买齐。根据我个人的使用经验,觉得将Nova电磁协和器和电磁绝缘居家系统配合使用,效果最佳!以前我深深依赖的其它产品,都已经被EarthCalm产品取代。因为寻寻觅觅20年,我终于找到真正解决我身上病痛的最终方案!”- Brian Slanger,史蒂文生。马里兰州。美国




了解了原因,我稍微修整居家环境,并且开始使用EarthCalm产品。我实在已经忘了,我有多久没经历这种舒适、恬和的感觉!现在我已经完全康复,实在感谢你们的优质产品!”- Patrician Mauro,高原村。德克萨斯州。美国


“我本来对`抗电磁辐射`趋势有所保留,直到我亲身体验它的功效!长久以来困扰我的慢性头痛症,在我使用 EarthCalm产品后,居然消失无踪!!即使在电脑前用功几个小时,也不再像从前那样疲倦不堪、头脑发麻,实在是太不可思议!

我不知道你们的产品究竟是采用什么原理,那不是关键所在。重要的是,它对我实在有效。。。否则我大可要求原银退还。另外,我也必须赞扬你们的电话服务人员。我去电询问,他不但没向我进行强力推销、反而细心为我解答,让我感觉自在。现在我要向所有愿意放开心怀尝试新事物的朋友介绍 EarthCalm,须知道。。。亲身体验才能知道是否有效。”– Patrick Bell



身为灵气治疗师,并且也研究其他自然疗法如:Healing Touch、营养疗法、情绪释放疗法等,我都还是无法为自己消除电磁敏感的问题。我也尝试使用市面上一些据说有效的抗磁产品,如:针灸、有机气疗、纯能量垂饰、能量棒、水晶疗法、能量 BioDisk等等等。。。但始终无法找到真正的解决方案。


我觉得,只有EarthCalm才真正了解何谓 `电磁敏感体质`。我在流动电话上贴了Quantum流动网络护磁贴,发现以往那令人窒息的电磁波居然化为一股柔和的能量、将我包围!电脑上贴了Omega无线网护,也让我感受到大地的自然磁场。。。我现在终于能好好坐在电脑前完成工作!真是多亏你们的产品,本来已经无法工作的我,现在已经宣布复工了!



在此我要再度感谢EarthCalm产品!因为你们我再也不必活在电磁危机下,担心自己被辐射`烤熟`。你们确实是电磁敏感体质者之友,谢谢!”- Olivia Worthy,德克萨斯州。美国


“我已经好久年没办法好好呼吸了。。。但这一整天下来,我的哮喘完全没发作过!头痛也没有。。。最神奇的是,任何过敏导致的不适都全无发生!”- Petra B.博伊西。爱达荷州。美国


“我拥有电磁敏感体质,但却从事IT行业,个中之苦实在难以言喻,甚至两度病发被送进医院紧急部门,情况严重到我必须考虑离开这个行业!感激你们的产品,让我奇迹般改善状况。我现在长期佩戴电磁协和器,虽然还是会受电磁影响,但不像以往那般让人忍受不了。其中我最爱的是电磁绝缘居家系统,有了它,现在我觉得我家是全世界最安全的所在!”- Elza,奥古斯塔。佐治亚州。美国

“我想你们一定听过太多类似的话,但我还是要说,你们的产品改变了我的人生!我是一名股票交易员,需要长时间坐在电脑前。大概在过去一年间,我买了一台新的膝上电脑,那之后身体陆续出现状况。除了增加体重、血压上升,甚至患上外阴疼痛症!几乎每隔几分钟就发作一次,只能离开电脑,严重影响工作。现在,我开始使用EarthCalm的电磁绝缘居家系统、电磁协和器以及Omega无线网护,再也不必饱受辐射之害了!”- Deborah K.,亨特山谷。马里兰州。美国


“当今社会电磁毒害无处不有,幸好贵公司研发出一系列的抗磁产品,可说是我们过度仰赖电子科技产品的这一代人的最大福音。再度感恩!”- Douglas N.


Quantum 络护功效证词


“虽然我拥有 EarthCalm Quantum流动网络护磁贴不过短短一个月的时间,但已经充分见识它的惊人功效!


过去 15年来我一直饱受头痛之苦,同时也在2010年被诊断患上颜面神经麻痹症。这些年来我药物不断,尤其是我那极度严重的头痛症,照了几次 CT扫描也抓不出病因、吃遍了各种止痛药也不见舒缓。后来好不容易找到能稍微舒解我痛苦的麻醉/镇静药片,但不久后药品监督管理局把它列为禁药,我又重新跌入深渊。


正当我感到无助之际,我母亲送了一份生日礼物给我 -- 就是你们的Quantum流动网络护磁贴!接到时我很有保留,但觉得不试白不试。没想到的是,我将它贴在手机上的一个月来,头痛居然一次都没发作!!我怎么都想不到在短时间内会有这种惊人效果!不止头痛,连我以前颜面神经麻痹症遗留下的副作用也完全消失无踪!


这短短的一个月,我的人生获得完全的改善。不再吃药、不再病痛!谢谢你 EarthCalm,我的人生得到了重新开始的机会!”- Rena W.,加利福尼亚州。美国


“我是 EarthCalm Quantum流动网络护磁贴以及电磁绝缘居家系统的忠实拥护者!之前,我的睡床因为靠在附有智慧型电表的墙壁,经常在睡醒时都感到阵阵头痛。但自从姐姐介绍我使用电磁绝缘居家系统之后,头痛的问题就解决了!


另外,我在手机上贴了Quantum流动网络护磁贴后也体验了惊人效果!话说有天我出门忘了带手机,结果一到市区头痛就发作。起先我以为是市区交通以及人潮压力令我不适,但一回到家我的头痛马上消失。后来我又试过几次,举凡不随身携带手机,我就头痛;带了就没事。。。我的结论是,我的Quantum不但能抵抗来自手机的电磁辐射,还同时保护我于市区内的有害电磁!现在,我不再让它离身!同时,我准备购买电磁协和器,相信到时能受到更周密的保护!”- Marla Deatherage,加利福尼亚州。美国


“我拥有电磁敏感体质。以往只要身处无线网络操作的地区,有害电磁马上会作祟,让我感觉不适与沮丧。但自从使用Omega无线网护以及在手机贴上Quantum流动网络护磁贴后,我的症状得到非常大的舒缓!现在,我能经常保持心境轻松、睡眠品质也提升了!每天虽然身处都市,却都有在郊外醒来的清新愉快感觉!”- Nico L.,瑞典







结果不到48小时,我又再度订货要求马上把我的电磁绝缘居家系统寄回来。。。并且轻易不会再把它拆除!”- Elizabeth Reninger,博尔德。科罗拉多州。美国


“过去 14个月来因为工作需求,我每天必须在电脑前工作长达 12小时。疲劳之外,我的血压更是升高到惊人地步!其实我也清楚,电脑和书房内其它办公室器材都会发射出有害电磁波,而我身体的状况绝对与此有关。。。我必须做点什么。


当我将电磁绝缘居家系统插入电插座时,一切突然有了转变。才短短15分钟,就觉得像有人把一层薄纱盖在入侵我头脸的电磁上。。。起先我想,那是心理作用吗??但 23小时后,我清楚理解那是电磁绝缘居家系统在发挥作用!慢慢地我感觉那层薄纱不见了,头脑一阵清明,也觉得平静、愉快。这天,我的工作进展神速,也不似以往那么疲累。另外,我也察觉到困扰我已久的背痛问题,居然也大大改善!自从我年少时脊椎受伤以来,无论是行走、运动还是单纯地坐着,都难将腰板挺直。但现在,我觉得压在上半身的重重负担似乎消除了,即使我不特别提醒自己,自然而来就能挺直腰板了!


这一切实在令人兴奋但又不敢置信。。。但它确实发生了!”- Kelly W.,密歇根州。美国


“过去多年来,我饱受 `纤维肌痛症`的折磨 - 疲劳虚脱、不得好眠、消化失调、脑筋闭塞,肌肉关节疼痛更是无时不作。除了不断求医吃药,我甚至严格要求自己注意饮食、也大量服用各类健康保养品。但不管我怎么努力,情况都不见改善。我每晚只能断断续续地睡 3-4小时,白天容易疲惫,只能顶着浑浑噩噩的头脑工作 2-3小时。




那天晚上,是我近30年来,第一次能完整睡上 7个小时!起床后我感觉精力充沛、思路清晰,也完全不觉头痛。渐渐我的精神越来越好,现在已经能够连续工作8个小时、还能同时进行多项任务,而且再也不需要午间补眠,我终于能每天都充分利用自己的时间。




“虽然身为医生,但我自己一向有血压偏高的问题。一般来说,我的血压测量为 140/88(服药控制),或 160/90 (未服药)。。。偶尔也会更高。但在我装上电磁绝缘居家系统的一周后,血压居然是健康的 115/78!这样的指数已经好些年没出现过!这之后我陆续为自己测量,都是同样可喜的现象!有了切身的经验,现在我想可以进一步利用它来做医学实验,看看其他人的效果。如果真的有同样功效,我会愿意推荐给我的病人们!”- BH,医学博士。奥斯丁。德克萨斯州。美国


“自从我们家11岁的爱犬在一年前动手术切除脚上的肿瘤后,它就经常昏昏欲睡、整天无精打采、走动时也一拐一拐。后来我在家里装了电磁绝缘居家系统,本来完全没想过会影响我的爱犬。。没想到,几个星期后它居然慢慢恢复以往的精神,不但兴致高昂想出门去玩,跑动时甚至步伐伶俐、不再走动不稳,实在神奇!”- Deanna L.,加利福尼亚州。美国


“我对电磁辐射一向敏感,当被包围时会感觉头痛、恶心、注意力难以集中。可恼的是,我的工作环境偏偏布满电磁危机!办公室内有超过200台电脑、离我位置不到 100英尺的地方,更是一座流动通信基地台!

我试过无数抗磁产品,终于找到真正能发挥功效的电磁绝缘居家系统!按照指示我在两周内将产品强度升级,感受到它的全面功效时,我的身体状况也开始大幅度好转!由于经济状况不允许,我只能拥有一台电磁绝缘居家系统,于是我每天出门前把它拆下带到公司、下班又把它带回家。对于它的功效,我实在满意。强力向所有和我一样拥有电磁敏感体质的人,一定要试试EarthCalm的抗磁产品!”- April F,柑橘高地。加利福尼亚州。美国


“我想我能对电磁绝缘居家系统作的最佳证词就是,它居然让我能有足够精力打扫我的房子!我一向不是懒惰的人,但在使用电磁绝缘系统之前,我的四肢日渐无力,即使迫使自己也无法完成简单的劳力工作。但现在,我的体力和心情都得到全面的提升,居然能不费力气就独力完成家务事(这是我2008年半进来后第一次有精力打扫)。我实在是太开心,居然能感受到如此充沛的精力!”- Terri S.,德克萨斯州。美国


“一年半前我动了白内障手术,但之后右眼却长出伤疤组织,影响了视力,即使拼命啾眼一切都还是有如加上蒙镜。在电脑前,如果不戴阅读眼镜更是什么都看不到,有如盲眼之人。我实在没能力再负担一次手术,只好将就着过。但没想到的是,装了电磁绝缘居家系统之后的短短2-3周,在没戴眼镜的情况下我居然能清楚阅读!现在我的视力仍然持续好转,实在是太感谢 EarthCalm了!”- Cathy E.,佛罗里达州。美国


“我是 EarthCalm Quantum流动网络护磁贴以及电磁绝缘居家系统的忠实拥护者!之前,我的睡床因为靠在附有智慧型电表的墙壁,经常在睡醒时都感到阵阵头痛。但自从姐姐介绍我使用电磁绝缘居家系统之后,头痛的问题就解决了!


另外,我在手机上贴了Quantum流动网络护磁贴后也体验了惊人效果!话说有天我出门忘了带手机,结果一到市区头痛就发作。起先我以为是市区交通以及人潮压力令我不适,但一回到家我的头痛马上消失。后来我又试过几次,举凡不随身携带手机,我就头痛;带了就没事。。。我的结论是,我的Quantum不但能抵抗来自手机的电磁辐射,还同时保护我于市区内的有害电磁!现在,我不再让它离身!同时,我准备购买电磁协和器,相信到时能受到更周密的保护!”- Marla Deatherage,加利福尼亚州。美国

“我拥有电磁敏感体质。以往只要身处无线网络操作的地区,有害电磁马上会作祟,让我感觉不适与沮丧。但自从使用Omega无线网护以及在手机贴上Quantum流动网络护磁贴后,我的症状得到非常大的舒缓!现在,我能经常保持心境轻松、睡眠品质也提升了!每天虽然身处都市,却都有在郊外醒来的清新愉快感觉!”- Nico L.,瑞典


“自从使用电磁绝缘居家系统后,我的整体健康有了很大幅度的改善。首先我的恐慌症不再发作,血压和脉动也都降低了。以往即使服药血压还是 85/140(脉动85);后来我因为感觉情况好转,减了一半药量,居然得到 60/118(脉动75)的良好指数!现在我不管是弯腰捡东西还是突然站起都不再感觉不适,以往那种害怕下床、或甚至单纯走出房间的心情,完全消失了!


不仅如此,我的体重也开始减轻!以往我因为服食尿酸药剂而增加不少体重,虽然努力减肥还是功效不大;但现在,不知怎么的我身体好了、尿酸不再发作、多余水分和脂肪居然也都排出来了。另外,我以前因为肌肉和神经系统衰退,经常忍不住尿。。。现在连这个尴尬的问题都改善了!体质一天天的好转,让我能重新投入生活,实在是太好了!”- Bernice B.


“我们一家使用 EarthCalm产品已经超过一年了。除了在家里安装电磁绝缘居家系统,我和女儿也随身佩戴电磁协和器,得到绝佳的效果!




但在装上电磁绝缘居家系统后的短短10个小时内,我的髋关节疼痛居然消失了,也得到一夜好眠!至于女儿,在佩戴上学童电磁协和器后,重新对学习产生兴趣,原本不及格的科目现在不是 A 便是 B,实在令人欣慰!”- Karen B.,匹兹堡。宾夕尼亚州。美国






不仅如此,我因为更年期的关系经常不得好眠。但打从使用电磁绝缘系统那一天开始,我每晚都享受到 8个小时的深沉睡眠,实在不可思议!直到现在,我每天都觉得自己又比前一天更舒畅、开怀!我必定向认识的每一个人推荐这非一般的产品!”- Kathryn M.,纽约。美国




当我在网上尝试多了解电磁危害时,侥幸翻到你们的网站。我想既然有90天的原银退还政策,那不妨一试。因为除了我以外,家里的两只小贵宾犬明明才 2岁,却经常死气沉沉、毫无生机。。。我真担心它们小小的身体,如何能承受巨大的电磁辐射?我希望你们的产品能救救我们。当然,这些想法在当时可说是奢望,但万万没想到的是,它居然实现了!


那是一个星期六的下午。我清楚记得,在 2.30的时候,我将刚送到的电磁绝缘居家系统插上,然后在厨房坐下、拟一份购物清单。就在我毫不在意的时候,突然感受身上的疼痛正一点一滴地流失!那是一种很奇妙的感觉,有一股什么似乎迅速在离开我的身体,让我感受身上的压力在消失、身体突然变`正常`了!我不知道你明白那种感受吗?因为病得太久,有时我们会忘记`正常`是怎么样的。但当这些疼痛开始慢慢远离我的时候,我才突然醒觉,之前的我是多么地痛苦、难受、绝望!




老实说,到现在我还不明白你们产品的原理,只知道它确确实实有效!这些年来我受的苦、病痛时怕死的心情,全部都可以放下了。我似乎又回到年少时那健康的体质,全因我不再受电磁辐射的危害!谢谢你们!”- T.Jacobson,明尼苏达州。美国




`排毒`不到一个小时,我的头部就热烘烘起来!这一切变化实在令人情绪激昂!我在这奇妙的疗程中感受到了``以静制乱的效果。我对自己能重新享受自然的和谐,感到开心!”-Nancy R.,佛罗里达州。美国


“我在10年前被诊断患上`分裂情感性障碍`。因病关系,经常感到焦虑,思绪更是混乱。但自从使用EarthCalm产品,我的人生终于较令人满意现在我不再胡思乱想,也较能感受自己大多数时候我都觉得平静、安心。谢谢”- Mike G.,加拿大



EarthCalm的电磁协和器实在是太棒了!才刚戴上,双手和脸部就开始发麻、发热,并感受身上的压力开始流散!虽然身处繁忙市区,却自有一股平静,把身边的喧嚣隐去。取而代之的,是清晰、专注的头脑,而且更确切感受到自己的存在!”- Patrick O.,华盛顿。美国


“我今早才收到新购买的EarthCalm电磁协和器。才戴上身,马上就感受到你们网站上提到的`温热、刺麻`感觉!从它我感受到无穷的正面能量。你们的产品果然名不虚传,让人能马上体会它的功效!”- Teresa L.,旧金山。美国


“昨天刚收到订购的电磁协和踝链,有种童年时受到圣诞礼物的兴奋感觉!多年前我因为跌伤足踝而导致它时时疼痛、甚至轻微跛脚。。但在我戴上电磁协和器后,足踝上的旧伤几乎再也感受不到!我终于又能再练瑜珈,实在是太开心了!”- Debbie C.


“我已试戴电磁协和器差不多两个月,对它的功效非常满意。记得当时将它戴上,不到几分钟的时间就感受到两项明显的变化1我的感官感觉(尤其是视力)变得清晰,就像是一层蒙纱自我眼前掀起,所观物件的颜色和形状都更鲜艳、明确。2)有种跟地球接轨的感觉。觉得自己与地球能量互通,带来平静、轻松的舒适感觉。(有个同样在试戴的朋友,在佩戴电磁协和器的几天后,感觉身体暖暖的,不论是体力或整体健康都增强了)。我也试过将电磁协和器拿开几天,结论是跟佩戴着时真的有明显差别。戴着它时的我,无论是精神或体质都理想很多!”- Elizabeth Reninger,科罗拉多州。美国




无可否认地,近年来电磁危机不断升级、成为许多人身上的导病原因。我很开心 EarthCalm也认同这点,并发明了许多针对性产品,这无疑是受磁害者的喜讯。我的许多病人在尝试佩戴电磁协和器后,有人说感受到由内而生的平静感觉;也有人汇报说体内平常`滋滋作响`的神秘感觉消失了。往常我也试过其它类似产品但都得不到同样效果,所以看到病人对EarthCalm抗磁产品作了这么正面的反应,我真的很开心!”- Claire Riendeau,自然医学医生,里诺。内华达州。美国



我患上了荨麻疹大概已经有一年的时间,情况很糟。每一撮不但足有巴掌般大、而且由颈部直至膝盖的范围都有!每天必须服食7种药物来控制麻疹,非常痛苦。6个星期前,我开始佩戴EarthCalm电磁协和器。两个星期后,意外发现身上的荨麻疹开始缩小;而一个月后,更是缩小到指头般大小!一个月后,以往遍布半个身体的荨麻疹,只偶尔会出现1-2小撮!现在我的情况大大好转,连专科医生也觉得不需要再复诊。只要每天把电磁协和器戴在身上,普通的一帖非处方药就能维持佳状!这些都是我的亲身经历,我深信它决不是偶然。。。我的人生终于可以改写!”- Marsha Voigt,爱荷华州。美国


“对于能被选为 EarthCalm的美国代言人,我感到实在荣幸!每次介绍你们的产品,我都不觉得那是单纯的买卖而已,而是一个`改善他人生命`的举动。能够经常目睹惨受磁害的人们奇迹般的复原,令我雀跃万分,因为总觉得能经由我来向他介绍你们的优质产品、予我也算是一份公德。我想你们都不知道其实我患有哮喘,但自从 8年前戴上我的电磁协和器后,就未再需要使用药剂吸入器。千言万语道不尽,总之我对于能接触到你们的产品,非常感恩!”- Sandee F.,纽约。美国

*Sandee EarthCalm 美国产品代言人。往来美国各州介绍 EarthCalm产品已有 6年时间。




我拥有容易招惹蚊虫叮咬的体质。每到夏天,不管是蚊子、苍蝇、蜘蛛什么的都会专攻于我。留下的伤口痕痒难当,常被我抓得鲜血淋漓、瘀青处处。但在戴上电磁协和器 4天后,不知为什么,我居然幸免于虫害!那些虫子居然不再骚扰我,让我得到一夜好眠!或许这不算什么了不起的大事,但对我而言,实在是天大喜事!”- Karin Janin,“Magic of Intention”作者


“原本以为电磁协和器只是让我不规律的心跳缓慢下来;没想到自几天前将它除下送到珠宝店去修饰链子后,我就开始头痛、流鼻涕,夜晚也辗转难眠。真是惟有失去才知道它有多重要、也确切看清它的功效了!现在,我实在等不及星期五的来临。。好将我的电磁协和器取回来!”- Sherrie T.,雷丁。加利福尼亚州。美国


“我对电磁辐射带给人体的危害一向在意。人类制造的大量电磁辐射,已远远超过自然界的地球磁波。根据已故知名电生理学家 Robert Becker所提出,数字还是以1-2亿的倍数来计算,地磁几乎完全被电磁笼罩!但如果跟地磁脱轨,人体的自新能力无法正常发挥。。。于是,我一直努力寻找有效的抗磁产品,希望能摆脱电磁危害。








1)          我感觉电磁协和器并不是一味霸道地将一些潜能量灌进我身体,而是一股柔和的能量,渐渐与我的身心灵协和。

2)          戴上电磁协和器后,不仅觉得它为我增添活力,甚至在治疗我身体的毛病


同时配合公司里的`雷达屏障`,我觉得自己的健康状况快速地转好!现在,地球磁场成为我最好的抗磁助力,我的生命元气日渐强大!”- Gilligan Joy (摘取自他的个人网页:ca.linkedin.com


“我从事印刷业,工作环境对身体不甚理想。这里布满原料毒气、嘈杂、我也需要长时间坐在电脑前、戴着无线耳机。因为这样,我几乎无时无刻都在生病,不但有鼻窦炎、还不时头痛欲裂。但自从我戴上EarthCalm电磁协和器后,我居然一次都没再发病!非常感激你们研发出能保护我身体的抗磁产品,祝福你们能再接再厉!”- Dediva D.



“我患有纤维肌痛,原本每个月起码会引发 6次严重头痛,需要吃强力药物舒缓。一年前,我动了一个手术,同时也收到EarthCalm电磁协和器。起初,我对它的功效有所保留,但却意外发现戴上它后,我的手术伤害恢复得非常快速。现在,我的头痛几乎不再发作,至多一个月 2-3次微头痛,也不再需要服药止痛!而纤维肌痛更大获改善,重新得到无穷元气!”- Christine R.,罗彻斯特。纽约。美国


“昨天收到了所订购的EarthCalm电磁协和器,马上将它让我的华籍太极师父试戴。几分钟后,他说感觉一股元气于体内流动,并通至玄牝之門升华。最后他说:“很好。”甚至要求我借他试戴几天,好进一步感受。想起不久前,当我让他使用另一产品 Qlink 时,他仅是说`有点感觉`。要求他比较两产品,他说:“这个比较好。”他那么喜欢,看来我很快就得再订一套电磁协和器了!”- Tino,博茨瓦纳


“过去 20年来,我经常疲惫不堪,也感觉心脏出现异常症状(脉象不稳、胸部疼痛)。为此我不断寻医,但他们都说查不出确切问题,无法帮我处理。原本以为要这样过一辈子,但EarthCalm电磁协和器居然让我的情况起了变化!戴上它短短2个小时,就觉得疲劳的感觉不见了,接着心脏异常也大幅度减少!三天后,愕然发现连我的个人姿势都改善了!以往我常觉得很难挺直腰板,所以长期驼背;但不知怎么地,现在自然而然就能挺直身子了,实在不可思议!




实在感谢 EarthCalm,你们优良的产品让我们一家有重获新生的喜悦!谢谢!!”- Kylea Garrett,史魁恩。华盛顿州。美国




“我常觉得电脑不断在侵蚀自己的大脑我感到脑力枯竭、精力透支、情绪也烦躁不安。但才刚把Omega无线网护贴上路径器几个小时,突然就感觉自己心平气和、头脑清明起来!连我那毫不知情的老公也感到身体有变,频频告诉我他突然觉得活力充沛!这些变化是那么的明显,我甚至有可以`看到`家中布满柔和能量的感觉,而再也不是以前那个电磁战场了!谢谢EarthCalm!”- Pat B.,奥斯丁。德克萨斯州。美国


“我现在居住在芝加哥市中心一栋高楼的第 18层楼。自从搬进来以后,就夜夜不得好眠。我想,这跟大楼其它左邻右舍家中传来的 WiFi无线网络一定有关。。。如此无线网络密集,即使我把自家路径器关闭也于事无补。一周前,将Omega无线网护贴在我家路径器上后,几乎马上就感觉家中能量转移!我觉得家里更`安静`,有一种一切都受控制的感觉。。而夜晚入睡也不再是问题,真是让人松了一口气!”- Sarah B.,芝加哥。伊利诺伊州。美国


“自从我们在家中装置无线网络路径器,我就经常头痛不已、而丈夫则时常头晕,一到中午就必须补眠。虽然知道跟WiFi辐射必有关系,但我们都在家中工作,工作室又处在不同楼层,所以只能强忍。后来我听说关于Omega无线网护的作用,虽然有所保留,但还是决定姑且一试。我甚至没让我老公知道,因为知道他铁定不能接受,这小小的东西,能起什么作用。结果,我才将Omega无线网护贴上,纠缠我多时的头痛突然消失无踪,实在让人不敢相信!!我整个人就像进入另一个空间,一切都清晰无比、全无压力。我那不知情的丈夫,则是到第二天才跑来问我`老婆,你是不是加了什么在咖啡里?我觉得今天精神很好哩`!”- Mariel G.,芝加哥。伊利诺伊州。美国


“首先,我要郑重向EarthCalm致谢,因为你们的Omega无线网护,让我有重获新生的感觉!过去 10年来,我每天活在家中的无线辐射环境内,有如活生生被天天微波一样,整个人飘忽空洞,健康更是饱受威胁。但才刚贴上Omega无线网护,我即刻感受到家中磁场转变,仿佛有一股引力将我抓牢,让我觉得更专注、更平静。。更开心!谢谢!”- Reid T.,康涅狄格州。美国