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 The Efficacy of EarthCalm’s Quantum Cell to Prevent Damaging Effect of Cell Phone Radiation on Human DNA 

 Glen Rein, PhD, Quantum Biology Research, March 2014

This study tested the effects of cell phone radiation on human DNA, both with and without the Quantum Cell attached to the phone, and found the Quantum Cell to completely reverse the harmful effects of cell phone radiation on the DNA.

Using an iPhone3 in both standby and receiving modes, the study showed that when a Quantum Cell was attached to the phone, the radiation no longer inhibited the electrical conductivity of DNA as it had without the Quantum Cell, indicating a complete and statistically significant reversal of the harmful effect of the cell phone. The results also indicated that placing the Quantum Cell on the cell phone in standby mode not only brought conductivity values back to control values, but further increased them by nearly 40% above normal. 

Quantum Cell Report  quantum-cell-on-white.jpg



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EarthCalm EMF Product Research & Testing

Test Report and Opinion on Physical and Biological Effects of
EarthCalm EMF Protection Products

 Report on measurements in the static (DC) and extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic field and measurements of heart rate variability (HRV)



Walter Hannes Medinger, M.Sc., Ph.D., June 15, 2012, International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Austria

This extensive scientific report studies 4 main EarthCalm products. The report details the results and assessment that led to the test seal award. This independent organization of  highly respected scientists confirmed that EarthCalm products do protect against EMFs and not only bring an individual back to a baseline of pre-EMF exposure, but actually improve health in several areas. You may download this 27 page report.  read-full-report-button.jpg




EarthCalm Quantum Cell – Part 1

The Effects of the EarthCalm Quantum Cell on Heart Rate Variability and the Biofield

Lisa Tully, PhD, December 28, 2011, Energy Medicine Research Institute


This study shows the ability of the EarthCalm Quantum Cell to reverse the deleterious health effects of cell phone exposure.

Exposure to a cell phone for three minutes causes adverse health effects, as demonstrated by electrodermal screening technology (EDS). EDS assesses meridian flow and thus organ and system function. Participants were tested before and after cell phone exposure. After returning to baseline measurements the participant was retested with the EarthCalm Quantum Cell attached to the phone.

When tested with the Quantum Cell attached, half of the participants in the study experienced 100% elimination of all negative effects. read-full-report-button.jpg  




EarthCalm Quantum Cell – Part 2

The Effects of the EarthCalm Quantum Cell on Heart Rate Variability and the Biofield

Lisa Tully, PhD, December 28, 2011, Energy Medicine Research Institute


This study demonstrates that using the Earthcalm Quantum Cell is effective in preventing the negative health effects of cell phone use on the human nervous system.

A heart monitor was used to assess Heart Rate Variability. HRV is a quantitative assessment of the balance of the two branches of the autonomic nervous system and therefore an objective measurement of overall health. Participants were assessed before and after a three minute exposure to a cell phone. After exposure, the subject was allowed to return to baseline and assessed again with an EarthCalm Quantum Cell attached to the phone.

All subjects experienced a full or partial reversal of the negative effects of cell phone EMR. In 11 out of 14 individuals there was a complete reversal of the negative effects.

Results of this study are a dramatic demonstration of the ability of Earthcalm Quantum Cell to eliminate the harmful effects of cell phone exposure. In addition, it appears that the Earthcalm Quantum Cell has a protective effect on the nervous system.




EarthCalm Nova Resonator  

The Effects of the EarthCalm Resonator on Heart Rate Variability and the Biofield

Lisa Tully, PhD, April 22, 2011, Energy Medicine Research Institute


Based on two different technologies that assess general health and fitness this study demonstrates substantial improvements after wearing the EarthCalm Nova Resonator. The improvements in the HRV measurement are dramatic. The HRV measure extends beyond cardiovascular function–it is the best indicator of general well-being throughout the entire human body.

The significant increase in the subtle energy field after wearing EarthCalm Nova Resonator demonstrates that they greatly improve one’s energetic field related to health and well-being.  read-full-report-button.jpg





EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System

Quality of Life Research Testing of the EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System

Grace Galzagorry, RN MS NP


Are there health benefits in using the Home EMF Protection System? This study revealed definitive to dramatic improvement in many quality of life indicators. Some of the noteworthy findings include:

  • Nervous system symptoms such as neuropathy improved
  • Pain, muscle aches and joint pains improved
  • GI symptoms probably related to nervous system issues improved
  • Mood issues such as feeling elated, serene and calm improved
  • Mental health symptoms such as depression and stress improved
  • Symptoms of stress, fatigue and feeling tired improved






EarthCalm Traditional Resonator

SCIO Research Testing of EarthCalm Traditional Resonator Pendant

Carmen Hironimus, CBT


Numerous studies have shown that EMR in our environment has a detrimental impact on health. Using SCIO technology, a study was conducted to determine the impact of the Traditional Resonator pendant on stress responses in the human body.

SCIO uses biofeedback to test over 9000 frequencies associated with the human body and can determine the level of energy, amount of chemical imbalance and changes due to environmental influences.

This study showed the Resonator significantly improved the energy flow in a majority of the 22 meridians tested in all subjects. This improvement lends striking support to the claim that EarthCalm products release the body’s meridian system, which allows the body to heal itself of chronic stress disorders.  read-full-report-button.jpg














Walter Hannes Medinger,理学硕士,博士,2012615日,`国际电磁波兼容研究所`,奥地利


这份针对EarthCalm 4项主要产品的详尽报告,列明了中心对产品所进行的各个测试。测试由中心中的国际知名医学科学家执行,并得出结论 – EarthCalm产品确实具有抗电磁功效、能让使用者回归到未受电磁危害体质、改善健康。EarthCalm产品在各项测试后,获得`国际电磁波兼容研究所`的合格验证盖章。




`EarthCalm Quantum 流动网络护磁贴`研究考证及测试1




Lisa Tully,博士,20111228日,Energy Medicine Research Institute,美国


此报告说明`EarthCalm Quantum流动网络护磁贴`确实能改善流动电话使用者受电磁辐射影响的体质。






`EarthCalm Quantum 流动网络护磁贴`研究考证及测试2




Lisa Tully,博士,20111228日,Energy Medicine Research Institute,美国


此报告证实`EarthCalm Quantum流动网络护磁贴`能防止流动电话电磁波对人体神经系统造成危害。






`EarthCalm Nova电磁协和器`研究考证及测试


本报告内容关于EarthCalm Nova电磁协和器对身体及心律所产生的变化


Lisa Tully,博士,2011422日,Energy Medicine Research Institute,美国


研究员为参加测试者进行了两项身体测试,得出佩戴 EarthCalm Nova电磁协和器对人体整体健康、强健度都有莫大的好处的结论。其中`心律变异性检验`(HRV)所测得成绩更是突破一般正常心血管运作模范,是电磁协和器对人体整体健康有益疗效的最佳证明。在另外一项测试中,发现佩戴EarthCalm电磁协和器能增加人体能量,进而让身体更强健。






`EarthCalm 电磁绝缘居家系统`研究考证及测试


本报告内容关于EarthCalm 电磁绝缘居家系统对生活品质所起变化


Grace Galzagorry, 护理硕士




  • 改善神经系统毛病
  • 改善肌肉、关节疼痛
  • 改善肠胃毛病
  • 舒缓情绪
  • 改善精神忧郁、压力过重症状
  • 改善疲乏不堪体质






`EarthCalm 电磁协和器`研究考证及测试


本报告内容关于EarthCalm 电磁协和器接受 SCIO电生理学测试


Carmen Hironimus, 认知行动治疗师


以往许多测试已让我们知道,电磁辐射对我们的健康会起负面作用。在这次的测试考证中,研究员利用 SCIO电生物仪器来测试EarthCalm电磁协和器对人体压力会起什么作用。SCIO电生物仪器能探得周密的人体经络资讯,也能探出人体在受周围环境、化学作用的影响下,会产生的能量变化。