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EarthCalm product is an EMF radiation protection device and not a shield or any kind of jewelry. Prior to use of the product, customers are encouraged to observe for any symptoms such as:

1.      Buzzing or hissing in ear                          9.      Muscle or joint pain                                                 
2.      Headaches, migraines 10.    Fatigue and stress
3.      Frequency of colds 11.    Depression, anxiety
4.      Insomnia or poor sleep 12.    Skin problem
5.      Memory loss, difficulty in concentrating or brain fog 13.    Hyperactivity in children
6.      Heart palpitation, irregular heart beat 14.    High blood pressure
7.      Asthmatic attacks 15.    Dizziness, nausea
8.      Irritability or mood swing  

Based on customer reports, there are individual differences in experiences and the point at which people feel increased energy, calmness, symptom relief, grounding etc. For some individuals the chronic 24/7 exposures to EMFs has compromised the immune system, thereby slowing the healing processes in the body. There may be an adaptation period that is different for everyone, and may include mild detoxification symptoms. Therefore the 30 days is offered to the customer to provide the time to fully experience the effectiveness of EarthCalm products.

Failing to notice a “difference” can be due to a number of reasons. 

1) For some, not completing the adjustment in accordance with the instructions can result in an ongoing feeling of general discomfort. You can repeat the adjustment protocol and see if this helps.

2) The changes are gradual and subtle, so they might not be noticed. To test whether this applies, discontinue use of the product for 7 to 10 days and periodically take note of how you feel over that period of time. Many people who try this found that the EarthCalm product did in fact make a difference.

3) There are continued exposures to EMFs that has not been addressed and which interfere with the body’s healing energies, thereby mitigating against the benefits of the EarthCalm protection devices. Interference includes, severe microwave radiation emitted by 1) cellphones that are held to the head 2) wireless laptops used in close proximity to the body for extended periods of time and 3) close proximity to wifi routers or networks, cell towers, hydro towers, airport or military radar etc.

Customers should read the research reports by Glen Rein and Walter Hannes Medinger under the research heading of our website. This is important as any damage to DNA, Immune System and Neurological System of each individual can take up to 10 or 20 years before they are discovered.  Using EarthCalm products will offer the protection at very minimal cost and usually much lesser than the cell phone or other technologies being used.

Return Policy

All products once sold are final and not returnable.

The Chinese language was translated for convenience of our customers.  In the event of discrepancies, the text in English shall prevail over the Chinese translation.