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Quantum Cell

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Quantum Cell
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Product Description

Most powerful Cell Phone Radiation Protection on the Market Today

Not just another sticker, button or magnet! The Quantum Cell contains powerful technology for full cell phone radiation protection that has been tested for years.

More than just a Cell Phone Protector

The Quantum Cell not only protects you from the radiation generated by your cell phone. If you carry your phone with the Quantum Cell on it wherever you go, you will be greatly protected from all other EMFs, as well.


 Significant Reversal of Harmful Effects of 
Cell Phone Radiation on Human DNA 

A new research study in March 2014 by Glen Rein PhD of Quantum Biology Research tested the effects of RF radiation from a cell phone on human DNA, both with and without the Quantum Cell attached to the phone.

Using an iPhone3 in both standby and receiving modes, the study showed that when a Quantum Cell was attached to the phone, the radiation no longer inhibited the electrical conductivity of DNA as it had without the Quantum Cell, indicating a complete and statistically significant reversal of the harmful effect of the cell phone. The results also indicated that placing the Quantum Cell on the cell phone in standby mode not only brought conductivity values back to control values, but further increased them by nearly 40% above normal


Why you need a Quantum Cell ?

Although there is great controversy about whether cell phone radiation is hazardous for our health or not, there are now dozens of independent research studies that clearly conclude that cell phone radiation is extremely dangerous. Why take chances with your health, while waiting for researchers to come to a consensus? It’s especially important if you find yourself feeling irritable, fatigued, or fighting a headache after being on the phone for awhile. These are symptoms of cell phone radiation exposure–and they can lead to something much more serious.

Quantum Cell at work!

Lisa Tully, PhD, of the Energy Medicine Research Institute in Denver, CO conducted a study on the effect on the heart rate when using the Quantum Cell.



Baseline: With no cell phone in use ——— 75 BPM (beats per min.)

With Normal Cell Phone Use —————– 90 BPM

Cell phone Use with Quantum Cell———- 74 BPM — better than baseline!


Benefits you will feel:

  • more relaxed & grounded
  • more alert & clear-headed
  • more productive
  • more energized, with greater stamina
  • free from cell phone headaches
  • safe from cell phone radiation health risks


Other Uses for the Quantum Cell

Bluetooth & Headsets: One Quantum Cell on your cell phone provides total cell phone radiation protection for any and all attachments on your phone.

Cordless Phones: Cordless phones emit dangerous radiation as well. One Quantum Cell attached to the base of your cordless phone will protect anyone using any handset connected to that base.





Quantum 流动网络护磁贴,你真的需要它吗?



Quantum 流动网络护磁贴带来的分别

位于美国科罗拉多州,丹佛市的`Energy Medicine Research Institute`是一所专为健康商品进行功效测试的医学研究所。研究所创办人 Lisa Tully博士,就为Quantum 流动网络护磁贴进行了一系列测试。。。


底线                          :未使用手机者                   – 每分钟心跳 75

手机                          :使用手机者                        – 每分钟心跳 90

Quantum                 :手机贴上Quantum         – 每分钟心跳 74下,甚至强于底线状况!



  • 轻松无压力
  • 思考更清晰
  • 工作效率更高
  • 体力更充沛、活力十足
  • 不再因使用手机而感觉头痛
  • 不受手机辐射危害

 Quantum 流动网络护磁贴的延伸效果。。。

蓝牙及耳机    - 只需一片Quantum 流动网络护磁贴,您在使用手机蓝牙科技或耳机时所引发的电磁辐射,也能一并抗护!

无线电话        - 将一片`Quantum 流动网络护磁贴`贴于无线电话座机下,所有其联系的无线电话都能受到抗磁保护!




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