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Earthcalm Products Q&A

1. Where is a good place to start? Can you give me an overview of EMF Protection?
Yes, there is a “journey of healing” that we recommend. EarthCalm products provide you with a progressive elimination of stress or chaos in your body’s nervous system caused by EMFs, both household and microwave. Our products are designed to be used in a progressive way.

The best place for you to begin is with the Home EMF Protection System. This product eliminates a major portion of the stress caused by EMFs, by grounding you into the earth’s electromagnetic field. Many stress symptoms that plague people such as high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, and insomnia, will be alleviated as the stress of EMFs is reduced. The Home System consists of three stages, because for many people the sudden reduction of stress can be hard to adjust to all at once.

Step 2 is the Nova Resonator. It will provide you with a deeper level of protection, especially when worn inside a house in which the Home System is installed. Plus, the Nova Resonator will provide you with 24/7 EMF protection, wherever you go outside the house.

Step 3 is the Quantum Cell. There is nothing potentially more dangerous to your health than using a cell phone for hours every day, whether it is used as a phone next to your brain or for texting. Many people start their journey with EarthCalm products by purchasing a Quantum Cell, but it is highly recommended to go back and cover steps 1 and 2, so that you are receiving full EMF protection for all your general health concerns. Do not forget to put a Quantum Cell on your cordless base station to cover all your cordless phones and their charging stations. Your investment will last a lifetime.

Step 4 is the Omega WiFi, which is designed for your wireless router, which gives you microwave protection for all devices that use it to access the internet. If you do not use a wireless router and use a laptop, then the Omega WiFi can provide you with protection from the microwave transmitter in your laptop.

These four steps are important to for providing you and your family with powerful levels of EMF protection, necessary for anyone living in today’s world. The next step is designed for even deeper levels of protection that are appropriate for people who are electrosensitive, have serious immune deficiency conditions, or live within 1/4 mile of a cell phone tower or high tension lines.

Step 5 requires the purchase a cell phone signal booster to which a Quantum Cell is affixed. It provides a powerful umbrella of protection against microwave radiation emitted by the cell tower or the high voltage lines.

2. Will the Home EMF Protection System help children, especially with hyperactivity, asthma or ADHD?
Children are more vulnerable than adults to EMFs, because of their developing nervous systems. In today’s world, children also have heavy exposure to EMFs from computer games, extensive TV viewing, and cell phones.

If children sleep and spend time in a home with a Home EMF Protection System, their nervous systems will naturally heal during those periods of time. Recent research has correlated EMF exposure to a growing number of common ailments including hyperactivity, asthma and ADHD. EarthCalm has received many reports from parents over the years who have used the Home EMF Protection System about improvement in their children’s health and behavior, including reduction of ADHD symptoms, improved school grades and improved social behavior.

As a child grows older and spends more time in front of a computer in school or at work, parents might consider the purchase of a Child Resonator or a Torus on their laptop when at school. The Omega WiFi can also be installed in a router at home, so that children using their laptop there–or playing games on Nintendo or Wii–will be protected. When the Omega WiFi is plugged into a wireless router, it will create a field of EMF protection from microwave radiation that the whole family can benefit from.

If your child has a cell phone, then a Quantum Cell is vitally important, especially if your child is a teenager and uses the phone a lot. It will both protect the child and their vulnerable nervous system from cell phone radiation and provide the child with a protective bubble of protection against microwave radiation where ever the child is.

3. If the Home EMF Protection System doesn’t use electricity, why is it plugged in?
The EMF Home Protection System is inserted into an electrical outlet in order to introduce or modulate its information into the current of electricity. It does not use current itself, nor is it dependent on voltage. The electrical grid in a home is always creating hazardous EMF fields, whether any appliances are being used or not. This is due to the constantly oscillating or pulsating magnetic fields that induce extraneous currents in the human nervous system.

The Home EMF Protection System modulates information into the current in a way that is similar to how talking on a phone works. When you speak into a phone, your voice vibrates a diaphragm that modulates information into a DC stream of electricity. Since electricity travels at the speed of light, phone conversations are possible in real time. So too, at the speed of light, the EarthCalm circuits are embedded into the AC grid in your home as the current flows through the circuits and picks up their geometry.

4. How long do the EMF Protection Products last and do they need to be recharged at any time? Is there any maintenance?
Since EarthCalm products have no moving parts, they will never wear out. As long as the circuits remain in the product, they will work to provide you with EMF protection.

As with any fine jewelry, over time you may have to replace the silver chain and silver clasp, depending on your body chemistry. And, as with any sterling silver jewelry, you may occasionally need to polish the Nova Resonator with a non-abrasive sterling silver polish to maintain the shine. Some people may tarnish their Resonator more in the beginning as a result of healing or detoxification. (The Nova Resonator will continue to function optimally whether polished or not.) It is not necessary to recharge the EarthCalm Nova Resonator or the Home EMF Protection System.

5. How long has EarthCalm been providing EMF Protection Products?
EarthCalm has been manufacturing and retailing EMF protection products for over 30 years. EarthCalm products are also available through wholesalers and local practitioners such as medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, allergy elimination practitioners, acupuncturists, Feng Shui practitioners, etc. Find a retail outlet in our area.

6. How much square footage or how many circuit breakers do the EarthCalm home protection products cover?
EarthCalm Living Earth Technology products protect an entire house, regardless of the square footage. They protect every room (and garage or outbuilding) that are are on the same electrical meter and work equally well over the entire home. EarthCalm home protection products do this by utilizing the electrical principle of resonant frequency modulation. They introduce or modulate information contained within their specific circuitry into the standing voltage of a home. As long as all your circuit breakers are on, all areas in the home will be covered.

7. There is a switch at the wall plates or outlets in my country. Do they need to remain in the “on” position?
In those countries where there is a switch at the outlet, the switch must remain in the “on” position for the plug-in products to operate effectively. Only the switch where the product is plugged into needs to remain “on”.

8. Will I be able to measure the effectiveness of EarthCalm products with a gauss meter?
EarthCalm products work differently from other products that offer EMF protection by blocking EMFs. Our products do not affect the EMFs themselves. Instead, they affect our bodies, in that they serve to ground us into the electromagnetic field of the earth. The hazardous impact of the EMFs is thus transferred or dissipated into the ground of the earth at the speed of light. Our bodies are protected because manmade current immediately exits the body and the resonance between the electrical system and our body’s nervous system is broken.

The attempt to block EMFs is difficult and expensive at best. One imagines a chip on every appliance and perhaps silver chain curtains and even a silver suit for the electrosensitive. This is ineffective and hardly a way to live. Better to use the electrical system itself to distribute EMF protection throughout the home. Better to use microwave generators themselves to broadcast throughout your home a transformed field of microwave radiation.

9. How will I know if my EarthCalm products are working?
EarthCalm is unique in the EMF protection industry in requesting that the customer monitor disease symptoms to validate the effectiveness of our products. EMFs are a serious problem, and you owe it to yourself and your family to choose the best product available. The only way to do this is to test each product against objective symptoms. We ask you to choose a measurable symptom to monitor so as to track the actual effectiveness of our products. This could be intensity and frequency of headaches, blood pressure measurements or laboratory tests such as blood work which measure stress factors. It could be the school grades or school evaluations of your child. You can also rate on a scale of 1-10 the level of intensity of symptoms for everyone in the household and compare the difference in 30 days. A 90 day money back guarantee is provided to give plenty of time for a personal evaluation period. This allows ample time, should there be a mild healing period involving detoxification.

10. How does your 90-day money back guarantee work?
We encourage you to use our 90-day money-back guarantee for the Home EMF Protection System from the date of purchase to verify for yourself the effectiveness of our products. For some individuals the chronic 24/7 exposure to EMFs has compromised the immune system, thereby slowing the healing processes in the body. There may be an adaptation period that is different for everyone. This may include mild detoxification symptoms. Monitoring your overall sense of well being over a period of time affords you the opportunity to go through any detoxification period, especially if you are electrosensitive. We offer the 90 days for you to have the time to fully experience the effectiveness of EarthCalm.

Please call Customer Service with any questions about the adaptation period or for authorization and address of our Return Department. Removal or tampering with EarthCalm circuits will interfere with their effectiveness and will void your guarantee and/or warranty.

11. Is it better to have a wireless network with the Omega WiFi in it than to have a wired network without the Omega WiFi in it?
It may sound counter intuitive, but the answer is yes, it is better to have a wireless router broadcasting the EarthCalm circuits constantly than to not have it.

Consider for a moment all the radio, TV and satellite signals that constantly fill the space we live in; then add to that all the wireless routers other people have, plus the cell towers, repeaters, etc. Therefore it does make sense to create a “bubble of clarity” in this polluted ocean of EMFs. This is precisely what we are doing when we insert an Omega WiFi into the ethernet port of a wireless router.

12. Do EarthCalm products have an impact on pacemakers or defibrillators?
Modern pacemakers and defibrillators are designed to impact the heart beat only when there are signs of heart arrhythmia or cardiac distress. EarthCalm products reduce the need for your pacemaker or defibrillator to function by helping correct one of the major sources of heart irregularity: stress due to EMFs.

Clinical research has demonstrated that people who utilize EarthCalm products experience a dramatic reduction in panic attacks (speeding up of the heart beat) and heart arrhythmia (erratic heart beat). Our products contain no magnets.

13. Can the effectiveness of your products be measured?
Rather than block hazardous radiation (an impossible task, we believe, in today’s world), EarthCalm products use grounding circuits so that induced current and hazardous transfers of energy immediately exit the body. Therefore, the only way to measure the effectiveness of our products is to measure the reduction of stress in the body. This can be done by noticing the drop in high blood pressure, reduction of headaches, better sleep, reduction of hyperactive symptoms in children, etc. Many people notice the reduction of tension right away. Others need to note reduction in symptoms of stress. We are currently working with different researchers to get brain wave measurements (ECCs), heart arrhythmia readouts, and blood work.

14. Is my microwave oven dangerous?
All appliances emit intense fields of EMF radiation when they are operating. The Home EMF Protection Systems protects you from all hazardous fields, including the intense fields emanating from plasma TVs, microwave ovens, and desktop computers. If you are an especially sensitive person who feels the tension generating in your body from a microwave oven, then you will be very pleased with the feeling of relief you will feel even when standing near your operating microwave oven. There is no need to buy individual chips to stick on your appliances. This one product releases you from the hazardous radiation generated by your home’s AC electrical system, thus protecting you and your entire family, including pets.

15. How do I optimize my Home EMF Protection System?
The way to fully optimize your Home System is to “complete the circle”. You do this by finding the portion of your home that has absolutely no wiring. Most people are familiar with their circuit box. If too much current is utilized or if there is a short in the system, a particular string of outlets in the home will be deactivated. Most homes have diagrams that show the different circuits., i.e. living room, bath, kitchen, etc.

To complete the circle you must imagine the circuits as coming out from the circuit box along the external walls of the home like two arms that don’t quite meet. There is a space between the two arms where there are no outlets or switches. To complete the circuit you need two extension cords. Plug one into the last outlet on the left side of the external wall and then plug the other extension cord into the last circuit on the right external wall. Then either cross the two extension cords or tie them in a note so that they don’t inadvertently become untwisted.

If you have a two story house, then complete this same procedure on both stories. Many people will notice a shift in tension right away. Others may take some time to get used to this final step in the total reduction of EMFs from the home’s wiring system

16. Is using a Bluetooth with my cell phone safer than putting my phone directly up to my head? If not, and I need a QuantumCell on my phone, will the Quantum Cell protect me from the Bluetooth itself, as well as from the phone?
Yes. But putting the Quantum Cell on our phone, you will be protected as well from Bluetooth radiation, because your Bluetooth is a receiver now for radiation that has been modulated with the EarthCalm circuits.





第二阶段,电磁协和器便可派上用场。它能带给您更贴身的保护,尤其是离开了装置电磁绝缘居家系统的住家时。电磁协和器绝对是 24/7 随时随地能助您抗磁的好帮手!


第四阶段,Omega无线网护。它可保护您于无线WiFi网络带来的微波辐射;也能保护您免受电脑自身发出的微波辐射所伤。以上四个阶段的各个产品,将为您与家人建立强大的抗地磁辐射网罩,是现代社会不可或缺的基本抗磁设施。但若您拥有电磁敏感体质,或患有严重免疫力失调,又或居住在无线流动基地台、高压电线设施的 0.25英里以内,请务必考虑晋阶至下一阶段。。。































当您购买EarthCalm产品时,我们会要求您作一些针对性的观察,好了解身体从产品得到多少改善。尽量针对一项较易`计算`的症状,比如头痛发作的次数、血压指数、验血测压指数、孩子的学业成绩。。甚至为一家人列个健康进度表,由1-10 来为家人的健康打分。30天后,您就能清楚评定,EarthCalm产品为你们一家人的健康起了多少作用。EarthCalm产品都附有90天全银退还保证,即使您身上毛病是需要花较长时间才能看到效果的排毒症状,也绝对有足够时间来作观察。